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Made in Pennsylvania USA

Robert Eggerling Mosiac Damascus

Eggerling Mosiac Damascus Steel is known the world over for unique, hand-forged Mosiac Damascus Knives. Used by many of the top knifemakers in beautiful collector and durable custom knives, our patterns are unique and always different. Each billet is made of Carbon Steel and nickle to provide beautiful patterns for acid etching or heat bluing. Made in the USA and perfect for your next blacksmithing work.

Robert Eggerling, master craftsman of unique mosaic damascus steel patterns

Quality Products

Eggerling steel is proudly made in the USA, Pennsylvania, and hand forged by Robert Eggerling, master blacksmith. Robert designs all the patterns and makes them himself. He makes Mosaic Damascus Steel for knifemakers and other assorted uses.

Blued mosaic damascus steel pattern

Unique Mosaic Patterns

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What It's Made Of

Robert Eggerling is from Mertztown Pennsylvania, USA and has been making Mosaic Damascus Steel for over 25 years. He is a Master of this craft and is known worldwide for his unique patterns and style. He produces handmade billets of Damascus Steel for knife blades, bolsters and many other uses. Robert attends some of the major knife shows and exhibits his steel billets for sale. Through this web site we hope to also make his steel more widely known and distributed. Robert makes custom patterns on request at times so don’t be afraid to ask if you have something special in mind.

Robert builds his own forges and hydraulic presses and constantly develops new patterns and equipment to aid in the craft of forging this steel into an art form unlike any other. We occasionally list pieces for auction on EBay but you can also request pieces to purchase by contacting us through this web site. Eggerling's own handmade knives are available to purchase as well.

Other interesting uses for this Damascus steel have been for custom tattoo machines, golf putters, jewelry, artwork, and custom pens. Some photos are in our gallery.

2 1/4" x 2 3/8" slice

Items in Stock:

Current Billets for sale.

Eggerling handmade knives with sheaths also available for sale.
Small $90, Medium $120, Large $150.

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What Customers Have Made with Our Mosaic Steel

Damascus Forging Video

Mr. Eggerling is a master at Mosiac Damascus Steel Forging. His unique patterns are used by many famous knifemakers around the world.

Mr. Robert Eggerling forging a Mosiac Damascus Steel Billet

Starting with 3" Square Canister Damascus pieces. Nickle Sheet is used to make the designs and filled in with powdered Steel. After several patterns are made and drawn down to about 1" square and out to longer lengths, the pieces are forge welded together with Nickle between and again drawn out to about 1.5" square and longer lengths. The lengths are cut to size and again forge welded with nickle sheet between to form the "Quilt" pattern.

The Damascus Project

Mr. Eggerling explains how he got started in making Mosiac Damascus and how his famous "Windmill" Pattern is made.

Making Eggerling Mosiac Damascus - Quilt Pattern

Special Eggerling Damascus Projects

The Cabot OAK Program & Eggerling Mosaic DamascusThe Voyager 1911The Commander King 1911Looking for an Owner! Imagination RequiredGallery of OAK Cabot Guns

Dear Robert,

What a year! Despite the challenging environment we have been busy here at Cabot and are blessed to have work that keeps our team moving forward. We have not experienced any Coronavirus and for that we are grateful. Each day we have stayed focused on our mission to craft the finest 100% American Made pistols.

Our Cabot OAK (one-of-a-kind) program continues to provide us with challenging commissioned work. These builds represent out most exclusive work and generally involve rare materials along with elevated finished techniques. Two examples are the Voyager 1911 and The Commander King pistol which we added to the OAK Collection page today. To see more of these pistols please click on their respective names.

The Voyager 1911

Mankind has always dreamed of exploring time. Our past holds rich history and cherished memories. The future, a promise of an exciting unknown. Cabot's Voyager 1911 represents the apex of just such a journey - Billions of years in the making - a stunning pistol truly ahead of its time. Eons ago, the now-exquisitely finished material used for the Voyager's grips was created. The meteorite grips are the culmination of Cabot's knowledge on finishing techniques that draw out both the vibrant colors and the spectacular crystalline Widmanstätten pattern.

The Commander King 1911

An exclusive commission from Cabot Guns featuring custom serial number: DAMASCUS001

Alexander the Great conquered Damascus in 333 BC. The young emperor, widely recognized as the greatest commander king in history, undefeated in battle, forged a kingdom that spanned cultures and continents.

Roughly 1,200 years after Alexander added the former Aramaic kingdom to his historic list of conquests, the first renowned “Damascus Steel” swords were made. Although the ancient process used to forge the original Damascus steel has been lost in the mists of time, modern-day craftsmen—including world-renowned master blacksmith Robert Eggerling—have recaptured much of the exacting art of its creation.

The Cabot Commander King is a classic Commander-size pistol and, in that format, likely the finest Commander-style 1911 we have ever crafted.

The Commander King’s slide, trigger, and grips were shaped and finished from an exquisite block of Eggerling’s Mosaic Damascus and the complexity of the pattern is truly striking. Befitting this one-of-a-kind 1911, it is chambered in the Lord's caliber, .45 ACP, with an embedded diamond front sight that sparkles enticingly, both beautiful and functional.

2,400 years after Alexander built his empire, we believe this Cabot 1911 is worthy of the title: Commander King.

We have this exquisite Damascus crafted by renowned Mast Blacksmith Robert Eggerling. Those who know, know. Eggerling is one of the most heralded artisans of Damascus in the world. The billets shown above are commissioned materials that were over a year in the making and are large enough to create two pistols with slides AND frames in this extraordinary material. Only two will ever exist and we have never before had the possibility of crafting a full Eggerling Damascus pistol. If you are interested in commissioning one or both of these Eggerling Damascus pistols, now is your opportunity. The cost for each pistol is approximately $50,000 and can vary depending on the finish details which we will develop together.

For examples of previous pistols crafted from Robert Eggerling Damascus, please see our Eggerling Mosaic Pistols or the Wolf Pistol Set.

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